Cockfosters CC Awards 2022

A brief report of the evenings events.

Cockfosters CC Awards 2022

Saturday the 8th October saw Chalk Lane Host the 1st joint, Junior and Adult End of Season awards in living memory, and by all accounts it was a resounding success.  No official headcount was made (I'm sure Stanley would have jumped at the chance to have used the clicker) but the figures mentioned were between 40 and 400 (think it was nearer 65).

It was fantastic to see the Junior's Parents' feel so at home by the bar, even better was to see Mr Thomas so happy to keep buying rounds.  After a delayed start, in Geoff's absence I read out his speech and the awards began to flow, mostly it appeared in some kind of foreshadowing, towards Chez Smallbone.

In fact all the under 15's who attended ended up taking home an award and it was a pleasure to see the joy it brought not just to them and their parents but to the senior club members as well.  At this point I would like to thank Geoff for his incredible hard work throughout the year yet again, in making sure we have a juniors section.  This wasn't said on the night as it wasn't part of Geoff's speech (I only said what was written.)

I would also like to extend thanks on behalf of the club to our Head Coach, Michael Arnold and for all the parents who have helped out throughout the year, be it with coaching, getting theirs and others children to the games and of course their continued support for the club.

After what seemed like forever the speaker was finally able to return to his rightful place behind the Bar and the man who loves the mic was able to step forward and deliver the Adult awards.  Most of these though also appeared to go to the incredible juniors we have at this club, with Stanley, Killian and Sachin all taking well deserved trophies home.

The night itself was broken up with Sunday Herts League awards (Best Run Rate is a thing,) humour awards (looking at you HP and Bruno Mars,) lots of alcohol consumption, Medders' playlist, AGAIN, stats, prewritten speeches (Guy can you print yours out, I think Prakash wants it framed) and rounds of applause. Amongst all of this, trophies were handed out, in particular to Dan who took home his annual player of the year award.

Well done to all our award winners this year, lets use the success of our Sunday Team as a catalyst to push into all our Saturday sides for next season and hopefully encourage better availability at all levels.

Finally I would just like to thank all those in making the awards night what it was, hopefully we can have more nights like this throughout next season as we celebrate our 150th anniversary.