Player Responsibilities

A happy and successful club is dependent not just on the results and performances on the field but also upon all club members pulling together and taking responsibility for their actions and behaviour both on and off the field. The following sets out what we, the CCC Selection Committee, feel are some basic standards that all club members should aim to adhere to:


Support your Club:

If you are able to do anything to help the general running of the club we are always looking for volunteers, in whatever capacity. All such help improves the running and the performance of the club and could help reduce costs or increase revenue – the most obvious way to keep match fees and subscriptions down!

Please make every effort to support club functions whether they are social, fund raising specific or ground maintenance. Friends and family are always welcome.

Please continue to encourage all of the sides playing even if you are not normally a member of that side. Everyone benefits from the success of our sides on the field.


These are due by the beginning of June, with discounts available if received prior to May 31. Please ensure these are paid on time – we see no reason why members of the Selection Committee should be required to chase these payments!

If anyone has any issues with meeting the payments please contact Anthony Levy, the Club Treasurer. Alternatively you can discuss with the Chairman of Cricket.

Keeping the club house tidy:

Food and use of the kitchen – we are perfectly happy with people bringing food into the club house, whether this is on a Saturday night or at any other time. The kitchen is left clean and tidy at the end of the game and therefore if members use it they should leave it as they found it:

  • Throw away all of your leftovers
  • Wash up and put away any plates or cutlery used
  • Wipe down the tables used either in the kitchen or in the club house

Glasses and rubbish – Please take your empty glasses back to the bar and throw away any cans, packets, rubbish etc. in the respective bins located around the club house. Don’t leave the general tidying up to the already hard working members of the Wine Committee or the temporary bar staff.

Cricket gear – during the weekend we are happy for people to leave their kit in the changing room, providing they leave things packed away in a tidy manner. By the end of the weekend however all kit should be removed.

General Behaviour:

We hope it goes without saying that there should be no anti social behaviour around the club.

In the week prior to a match:

Advising of Availability:

It is your responsibility to ensure that the Selection Committee is aware of your availability for the coming weekend’s matches prior to the meeting held on Wednesday night. As far as possible it is our aim that teams selected on Wednesday night should actually be the ones that take the field!

If in advance of selection you know that you are going to arrive to the game late or have to leave early then please advise this to the Selection Committee who will take this into consideration when the teams are selected.

After the Teams are Selected:

All players are expected to play for the team they are selected for.

If you have any issues with selection, then please raise them initially with the relevant captain as set out in the Selection Committee document. Please do not keep issues to yourself or only discuss them with your club mates.

Change of Circumstances:

It is common courtesy to inform the Selection Committee if your availability changes. If you have to make yourself unavailable it will have knock on effects through the rest of the teams.

If you have been selected but become unavailable please contact the relevant captain as soon as possible so that changes can be made as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don’t leave things until the last minute before getting in contact!

If you are listed as a reserve, but later become unavailable please contact the relevant captain as soon as possible. In the event of a late cry off the 3rd team captain will need to find a replacement as quickly as possible and it is very frustrating phoning people who are no longer able to play.

If you were originally unavailable but become available please contact the Chairman of Cricket as soon as possible. As noted in the Selection Committee document you will initially become one of the reserves but could end up in any of the sides upon the event of a subsequent cry off.

On Match Days:

Meet Times:

Please arrive on time in accordance with the respective meet time shown on the team sheet. Alternatively, if it is an away game and you want to go direct, ensure you inform your captain so that he does not wait for you at the club.

If you are going to be unavoidably late then it is your responsibility to call the relevant captain in advance – don’t leave him to contact you when you are late!

Match Fees:

Please ensure that you have your match fees with you ready to be collected.

Spirit of Cricket:

On the field please remember the Spirit of Cricket as published by the ECB and detailed on the website. Have respect for your opponents, the officials and your team mates.

Home Games:

Remember that there are lots of things to organise before and after the game such as wickets, the score box, boundaries, sightscreens, shutters, roping off the square, manning the bar on Sunday evenings etc. Please don’t wait to be asked to help out. After the game these tasks should be completed as soon as possible. If you need to leave early then please arrive early to help out (and vice versa).

Teas – make sure that your opponents and officials are served first. In particular, please ensure that some tea is kept aside for the scorers whose job means they will be last to refreshments.

Away Games:

Make every effort to get to the ground in plenty of time to warm up etc. If you are driving then please look up the venue and determine your own directions in advance of the game – don’t either leave it until the last minute or rely solely on the captain.

It would be appreciated if the team could stay at an away ground for at least 30 minutes after the game to share a drink with their opponents – it is after all what we would expect visitors to CCC to do.


In games where the players are required to umpire or score, please do your share and don’t wait to be asked!

And finally……and most importantly:

We are a social club so please concentrate on enjoying yourselves and having a good time. If we all work together and adhere to the standards above, score lots of runs, take lots of wickets and hold lots of catches, then we will have a successful, united and happy club!