Cockfosters Cricket Club runs 3 league teams on a Saturday, at levels that suit everyone, competing in the Saracens Hertfordshire League and 1 team on a Sunday which competes in competitive friendlies with an emphasis on getting all players involved. In 2016 we proudly won the inaugural Hertfordshire Sunday Twenty20 League.

In addition, the club competes in various other cup competitions on a Sunday, including entry in the Herts County Trophy. During the season practice sessions take place every Wednesday and Thursday evening (provided there are no home Youth fixtures) between 6pm and 8pm.

Chris Holmes

1st XI Captain

Introducing our 1st XI Captain for the 2024 season, Mr Chris Holmes.“Holmesy” or “CHolmes”(as he is affectionately referred to) is a 21yr old Top Order Batsman who may be one of our youngest ever 1st XI Skippers but that doesn’t mean he is is lacking experience.

Chris made his debut for the 1’s at the tender age of 13 and scored his first ever league 50 in only his second game. A feat which not only was very impressive, it also resulted in huge pay day for him as the night before his father had promised him a bonus of £2 per run. No surprise this was his favourite moment in a Fosters shirt. Growing up around the old guard of Messer's Stead (J, M and CJP), S Barker and T Hutton, he has certainly learnt how the game should be played and has held his own with the bat and in the field with the occasional bowling stint thrown in for good measure.

He has a high score of 142 and hopes that this season he can continue to contribute with the bat, but his aims for this season are to push for promotion whilst keeping the great atmosphere that was nurtured in the 1’s last year. Always quick to say hello and talk to everyone at the club he was the natural and popular choice to replace the outgoing James Stead. We wish him and the 1’s all the best for the upcoming season.

Adam Pigden

2nd XI Captain

We introduce our 2nd XI Captain for the 2024 season. Well I say introduce in the loosest of terms as he has been here since 1989, and this is his 3rd stint of doing the job. Adam Pigden step forward…Adam (or Munson) as he has been affectionately known to some, hails from Cockfosters Cricketing Dynasty as son of President Mike and nephew of legendary Tosh. He boasts a high score of 115 in what I am told was an epic stand of 298 with Declan O’Leary in a 45 over match, but that league century has eluded him with a high of 91* @ Little Berko.

As a doting Dad and Ethan now of playing age he counts his greatest achievement in a Cockfosters shirt as playing his first game with his son. His plans for the season are to ensure that he creates a positive atmosphere that gets the best out of his players and contributes to preventing a fourth successive relegation for the 2’s. According to Adam there have been to many hilarious moments in his 34 year tenure to single out one particular moment however he would be happy to sit at the bar and talk through many with any of the old guard who might be in the vicinity.

As resident Barman extraordinaire at the club, committee member and heavily involved in the juniors section this guy really does personify the tag of “Club Man”. We wish him all the best in his endeavours for the season and hope to celebrate with him when that League Ton final does come. P.S. Unfortunately no action shots could be found in the archives as the cameraman doesn’t normally turn up until 13:20 on a Saturday…

Gary Corken

3rd XI and Sunday League Captain

Introducing our 3rd XI and Sunday Captain…. Mr Gary Corken. Gary joined Cockfosters in 2017 at the age of 36 having never played the sport before. He caught the cricketing bug after being duped into going on tour with a cricketing side to make up the numbers he became fascinated with the sport. After a Winter Ashes series of which he absorbed pretty much every minute of, he was determined to find a club and join. His first nets session with us didn’t necessarily go as well as he would have liked but through dedication and perseverance has come on in leaps and bounds and last season completed a clean sweep of playing for every single XI. His first ever game for the club he cemented himself into club lore by being caught in the unmentionables whilst fielding. As he was still very new to cricket he didn’t know that you are only meant to wear your box for batting and had fortuitously worn it for the fielding as well, which saved future family lineage and gave rise to the self titled “thinking mans cricketer”.He has a high score of 48 for the club and best figures of 4-36 and hopes this season he will be able to check off a few milestones for the club. His greatest achievements are listed as learning to play the game at 36 and scoring 29 in every single XI (1’s -3’s and Sunday) last season. His favourite moment at the club was having the 2’s and 3’s win convincingly enough that they were back in time to watch the 1’s win a nail bitter of a match resulting in a 90 point weekend and a 2am selfie. His goals for the season include continuing the good work from last years captain in making Sunday Cricket inclusive yet competitive, imprinting his identity of chilled out sexy vibes aka “Gaz-Ball” into the DNA of the side and finally organising “Gary-Oke” (your one stop shop for all things Karaoke). A man who joined the club without much fanfare, and took a while to get going, he is now the voice and soul of the social in the shed. His renditions of “Oh Jean” by the Proclaimers and Prince’s “Kiss” into the beer pumps are a sight to witness, but there is not a man at Cockfosters who would say that our “Gonzo” hasn’t found his home at Chalk Lane. Nor would they say that Tom Hutton was taller, but that is for a different post…


Darren Medforth

Chairman Of Cricket

What can be said about our Chairman of Cricket that hasn't been said already and is fit for use on a public domain? Stepping in at the beginning of Last Season, for some bizarre reason the club elected him in officially this year.

Prone to speaking his mind, and wearing a flat cap, one of our resident Yorkshireman will talk to anyone who is listening, and even more so to anyone who isn't. Never shy to express his opinion of all things cricket "Medders" enthusiasm for the sport is only bested by his love for Beer and Hull City FC. His radical new wave of thinking has lead to many changes around the club, though some have been curtailed, such as his idea to have all players wear numbers for easy recognition.

A left arm seamer of occasional pace, Daz has been known to get a few wickets in his time by bamboozling batsmen with his copious swing and has been seen throwing himself about in the outfield, more so in order to not have to run after the ball, however He has been known to take the odd blinder at slip (where he was being "Hidden")

Saying all this Darren is a great asset to this club and wears his Cockfosters heart on his sleeve, a man who would die for this club, and if anyone buys him an Icebreaker he will be happy to recall that particular incident with full photgraphic evidence.